Displayed: "Trew 24" set with Diamonds (7mm) 7MT2425SI1, 7MT2425VS

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  • "Trew 24" set with Diamonds (7mm)
  • 7MT2425SI1, 7MT2425VS


"Trew 24" set with Diamonds (7mm)

25 point (style #7MT2425SI1)

25 point (style #7MT2425VS)


Trent West rings are made out of Tungsten Carbide. They have a brilliant high polish and resist scratching longer than any metal ever offered to the public.


Feel free to contact a representative at Topper Jewelers to help pick out the perfect TrewTungston Ring for you.


Unlike E-tailers that only provide in-house warranties, Topper Jewelers is a full service authorized dealer that offers the Trent West Manufacturer's Warranty and this is the end.