Topper Fine Jewelers Accepts Trade In Watches

Topper Fine Jewelers accepts previously owned watches as part or all of your payment towards your new watch. Your old watch may be worth more than you think!

How much is your watch worth? Value is dependent on the condition and market value of your watch. Topper Fine Jewelers provides one of the most generous trade-in allowances in the industry.

While every watch is not always right for us, we will give you a general sense of what we can do over the phone. If we do come to an agreement, we will expect you to send the watch back to us with a copy of the following Details and Declaration of Ownership. When you call us please be prepared to discuss the following regarding a potential trade in. Each factor may affect the trade in value of your watch.

  • What is the new watch you are interested in purchasing?
  • What is the condition of your watch case, strap, and bracelet?
  • What is the working condition of your watch?
  • Does the watch have the original box and paper work?
  • Does the watch have a valid stamped warranty card from an authorized dealer?
  • Do you have the original receipt from the purchase?
  • Can you clearly see the original serial number on the watch?

While we make every effort to be as accurate as we can be in evaluating your watch over the phone, final determination of trade in value is subject to our inspection of your watch.

Click Here for our Details and Declaration of Ownership (PDF format).

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