The CALGARO Colored Silver

The Colored Silver thread - the soul of all classic CALGARO collections, is dyed in the infinite range of the enamel chromatic palette through a highly innovative, internationally patented, industrial elaboration. Taken to its very limits of physical manipulation, the precious colored fiber is then woven into fanciful textile patterns so as to form a surprisingly versatile colored texture that feels extremely soft to the touch and pleases the eye with its unique play of shades.
This new CALGARO Silver enjoys properties of exquisite and guaranteed quality: its coloration resists the test of time without losing shade intensity, defeating the usual tarnishing of the precious metals, and only lengthy exposure to a blazing flame could set free the Silver braid from its color pigmentation, thus revealing its authentic silver nature. The Colored Silver thread of CALGARO, in its brilliant simplicity of invention, lends itself to a surprising number of unique textile possibilities like multiple stranding, crochet and sophisticated patterns of fine braiding, to name a few only.

Silver imprisoned by Silver

The latest evolution of the Colored Silver thread - the so-called Silver imprisoned by Silver - introduces the ultimate revolutionary concept of the laudable research potential and creativity of CALGARO that sees the versatile Silver thread transforming into a fine colored mesh of precious metal in the heart of which a minute chain of glittering diamond-cut silver is captured. This brand-new mix of materials exalts once more the outstanding qualities of silver and the genius blend of this precious metal with the uniqueness of the CALGARO design - jewels of amazingly fluid shapes and intriguing chromatic flair.