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  • Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016: On my way to the UK.

    Date posted: 06-27-2016

    A few months ago, we wrote a blog post looking at the Bremont ALT1-ZT/51, the GMT chronograph inspired by the Bremont historical limited edition P-51 from 2011. In that post, we looked forward to the Bremont Historical Limited Edition for 2016 and described that while we did not know the exact nature of the watch, we did anticipate several details about the watch based on our conversations with Bremont. read article >

  • The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe with Plasma Ceramic Case and Blue Dial

    Date posted: 06-10-2016

    Over the last five years, we have grown our collection of watch brands at Topper by an average of one new line each year. Interestingly, and in many ways coincidentally, none of these additions have been Swiss. In 2011, we became partners with the German brand Glashutte Original and the British brand Bremont. read article >

  • The Jazzmaster Thinline 18kt Gold Limited Edition

    Date posted: 06-10-2016

    With the exception of some of the thinner Longines models and a few of the Ball watches, almost all of the 18kt gold options for timepieces at Topper Fine Jewelers retail above $10,000. It feels like it's been a few years since Hamilton has had a really compelling gold offering. That changed in 106 with the introduction of the Jazzmaster Thinline Gold Limited Edition. read article >

  • The Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition

    Date posted: 05-06-2016

    Without a doubt, my favorite moment of Baselworld 2016 was getting to meet Philip Brashear, son of the first African American Master Diver, Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear. For those not familiar with Carl's life, I think it's fair to call him the Jackie Robinson of the US Navy. read article >

  • The OMEGA Constellation Globemaster and the Progression of OMEGA's Co-Axial Movement

    Date posted: 05-03-2016

    During Baselworld 2016, OMEGA announced a new version of the Constellation Globemaster, an annual calendar. It was around this time that we took delivery of several steel models of the three-hand Globemaster announced in 2015. read article >

  • The Bremont P51, The ALT1-ZT & the 2016 Historical Limited

    Date posted: 04-27-2016

    Last week, Bremont co-founder Nick English stopped by Topper Jewelers to preview the 2016 Bremont prototypes and to discuss some of Bremont's plans for 2016, including a teaser on the upcoming launch of its latest historical limited edition. read article >

  • A Look at the Boeing 100

    Date posted: 04-27-2016

    Last week we were visited at Topper Jewelers by Bremont co-founder Nick English, and had the opportunity to see some of the 2016 prototypes and learn more about Bremont's plans for 2016. This post will take a look at the Boeing 100. read article >

  • Topper Videos from Baselworld 2016

    Date posted: 04-05-2016

    Did you know that Topper Fine Jewelers has a YouTube channel? Last Year at Baselworld, we shot videos for the first time, and this year we expanded our effort. Our channel is "robattopper" and within it we've created a Baselworld 2016 folder. Not sure which video to watch? Below is a little more information about each of the videos from this year's show. read article >