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Exploring the New Novelties at the 2019 Bremont Townhouse New York

While it might have felt like Bremont was priming the pump in 2018, the British brand has come out swinging in 2019 with a brand new military collection released in partnership with Great Britain's Ministry of Defence, bearing the seal of approval from all three branches of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Bremont also showed us a new face for the flagship S2000 dive watch, a fresh new S300 diver collaboration, and a very limited white-dialed MBIII celebrating 10 years of partnership with venerable ejection seat manufacturer Martin Baker. Oh, and Bremont fans and collectors in the United States will be very pleased to hear that our longtime friend Mike Pearson is back with Bremont as its new Head of Brand Development in the USA. So it goes without saying that there was plenty for us to do and see during our annual tour of the multi-floor Soho townhouse, which was packed to the brim with exploration & military ephemera, along with many industry friends, and of course all the newest watches from Bremont.

The aim of the HMAF Collection was to create a contemporary offering of watches inspired by the original 'Dirty Dozen' watches issued to Great Britain's fighting forces around the middle of the last century. And though these new watches are not technically military-issue watches per se, they do come with the blessing – and design input from all three military branches. There's the three-handed Broadsword watch for the Army, the twin-crown Argonaut dive watch for the Navy, and the monopusher Arrow chronograph for the Air Force. All three have their own distinct wrist presence, and should certainly earn their own respective fans – though it appears that the Argonaut has already developed the fastest following (it is, after all Bremont co-founder Giles English's favorite). It's colorful, perfectly sized, and very capable with 300 meters of water resistance – and quite possibly the most unique offering from a design standpoint of the three.

That said, the Broadsword is a wonderful modern field watch whose 40mm hardened steel two-piece case wears perfectly on my 6.5" wrist. As both Bremont's newest entry-level watch, it addresses a direct customer desire for a thinner and more affordable Bremont tool watch. The Arrow chronograph is perhaps my personal favorite in the trio, as the chronograph has long been one of Bremont's signatures – and this is the first time we've seen it in a monopusher execution (where the single pump pusher at 2:00 starts, stops, and resets the chronograph) – a relatively rare complication when it comes to highly capable sports or military watches.

As of 2019, Bremont has retired its original flagship S2000 dive watch, and replaced it with a visually streamlined update in two color offerings: red and yellow. The textured dial center and 'maxi' applied dial markers remain, but gone is the railroad style minute track in the middle of the dial, as well as the day/date complication, which has been replaced by a date-only aperture at 3:00. The caseback also features a heavily textured submarine propeller engraving, which is both a nod to Bremont's propeller logo, as well as to the watch's impressive dive capability: tested at Bremont's own facilities to 2000 meters (nearly 6600 feet). Both color offerings are quite cool, but the yellow was surprisingly subtle, and likely to be the sleeper hit of the two.

Speaking of divers, Bremont has also expanded its popular S300 line, with a crisp new white-dialed option. Of course taking visual cues from last year's successful Waterman limited edition, the new S300 is fitted with a cheerful blue ceramic bezel, and an arabic dial with blue text contrasted by bright red detail text. For those who found the 43mm Waterman too large, the 40mm Trip Tick case on the S300 wears perfectly – balancing engineering brains and modern dive watch brawn with just enough finesse and 300 meters of water resistance.

Last, and certainly not least is the new MBIII GMT 10th Anniversary – a very highly limited edition GMT watch (only 310 pieces!) celebrating a full decade of Bremont's collaboration with vaunted ejection seat manufacturer Martin Baker. This is a particularly exciting release, as the MB series of watches has long remained Bremont's signature, and our unsurprising best-seller from the brand. It is also, of course, the model we chose to celebrate our own anniversary, with the 75th Anniversary Topper Edition MBII from 2015. The new MBIII adds in a GMT complication, and for this particular edition, we get a raw titanium case barrel (a stark contrast from the colorful barrels that usually characterize the MB line), and a deep, textured engraving of a Martin Baker ejection seat on the caseback.

In place of the usual 'Anti-Shock Automatic' wordmark at 6:00 on the dial, is Martin Baker's signature "Danger Ejection Seat" warning badge, which is usually affixed outside the cockpit on the side of aircraft equipped with the seat. It's also certainly worth noting that with this new MBIII, Bremont has also quietly improved its Roto Click bezel action, which is now smoother, and features more precise detents between each of its 60 positions. This improved Roto Click will make its way through the rest of the MB line over the course of the next year.

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The Topper Blog consists mainly of original writing by Rob & Russ Caplan with occasional special contributions and interviews. All photography in the blog is taken at Topper Fine Jewelers , or on location unless otherwise indicated in the photo captions.